Some theses in my group

Undergrad theses

Daniele Signori, Sottovarietà Coisotrope in Teorie di Campo e Quantizzazione, xii + 118 pages
- Laurea Thesis, August 2004
Michael Bächtold, On the finite dimensional BV Formalism, 32 pages
- Semesterarbeit, April 2005
Mischa Knabenhans, Black Holes in (2+1)-Dimensional Higher Spin Theory with Gauge Group SO(3, 2)xSO(3, 2), 104 pages
- Master thesis, March 2015
Nima Moshayedi, Deformation Quantization of the Relational Symplectic Groupoid for Constant Poisson Structures, ix + 82 pages
- Master Thesis, May 2016
Iswaryaa Selliah, BV Equivalence between Palatini Gravity and BF Theory in Three Dimensions, 26 pages
- Master Thesis, April 2018
Corina Keller, Equivariant Factorization Algebras from Abelian Chern–Simons Theories, ii + 97 pages
- Master Thesis, May 2018
Melvin Vaupel, Synthetic Differential Geometry in the Cahiers Topos, 71 pages
- Semesterarbeit, January 2019
Leander Wyss, On Lie Algebroids, L-Algebras, and the Homotopy Poisson Structure on Shifted Conormal Bundles of Coisotropic Submanifolds, 42 pages
- Semesterarbeit, April 2019
Arne Hofmann, Fractional Quantum Hall Effect and BV-BFV Formalism, viii + 75 pages
- Master thesis, June 2019
Gian Deflorin, The Homotopy Hypothesis, x+191+8 pages
- Master thesis, August 2019
Simone Nardini, The Cattaneo–Mnev–Reshetikhin Approach to Field Theories on Manifolds with Boundaries, 93 pages
- Master thesis, August 2019
Manuel Tecchiolli, Algebra of Constraints for the Linearized Palatini–Cartan Theory on a Light-Like Boundary, 53 pages
- Master thesis, November 2019
Fabio Musio, Computation of Kontsevich Weights of Connection and Curvature Graphs for Symplectic Poisson Structures, v + 73 pages
- Master thesis, December 2019
Francisco Manuel Castela Simão, BV-Equivalence of 1D Reparameterization Invariant Models with Boundary, 103 pages
- Master thesis, September 2020
Leonardo Fossati, Cohomological Ambiguities in General Relativity, 20 pages
- Semesterarbeit, October 2020
Marius Furter, Modeling Choice in CoDesign, 38 pages, ETH Research Collection
- Semesterarbeit, July 2021
See also: A. S. Cattaneo and M. Furter, Choice in CoDesign, Haskell code (also on GitHub and UZH Math gitlab)
Filippo Fila-Robattino, Boundary Structure of General Relativity with External Fields, 100 pages
- Master thesis, September 2021
Leon Geiger, Quadratically Extended BF Theory in the BV formalism, 156 pages
- Master thesis, August 2022

PhD theses

Carlo A. Rossi, Invariants of Higher-Dimensional Knots and Topological Quantum Field Theories, 244 pages
- PhD Thesis, June 2002
Luca Stefanini, On Morphic Actions and Integrability of LA-Groupoids, iv + 137 pages
- PhD Thesis, March 2008
Michael Bächtold, Fold-type Solution Singularities and Characteristic Varieties of Nonlinear PDEs, 76 pages
- PhD Thesis, March 2009
Florian Schätz, Coisotropic Submanifolds and the BFV-Complex, 177 pages
- PhD Thesis, April 2009
Ivan Contreras, Relational Symplectic Groupoids and Poisson Sigma Models with Boundary, 126 pages
- PhD Thesis, June 2013
Nicolas Robles, Twisted Second Moments and Explicit Formulae of the Riemann Zeta-Function, 172 pages
- PhD Thesis, May 2015
Michele Schiavina, BV-BFV Approach to General Relativity, viii + 159 pages
- PhD Thesis, December 2015
Vincent Braunack-Mayer, Rational Parametrised Stable Homotopy Theory, xviii + 212 pages
- PhD Thesis, April 2018
Konstantin Wernli, Perturbative Quantization of Split Chern–Simons Theory on Handlebodies and Lens Spaces by the BV-BFV Formalism, vii + 240 pages
- PhD Thesis, December 2018
Jonathan Lorand, Duality Involutions, Representations, and Geometry, 213 pages
- PhD Thesis, December 2019
Nima Moshayedi, Globalization Constructions for Perturbative Quantum Gauge Theories on Manifolds with Boundary, 184 pages
- PhD Thesis, July 2020
Giovanni Canepa, General Relativity on Stratified Manifolds in the BV-BFV Formalism, 172 pages
- PhD Thesis, March 2021

Habilitation theses

Marco Zambon, Geometric Constructions for Poisson, Dirac and Generalized Complex manifolds, 206 pages
- Habilitation thesis, 2007
Pavel Mnëv, Batalin–Vilkovisky Formalism in Topological Field Theory, xxxi + 286 pages
- Habilitation thesis, 2013
Alessandro Valentino, Higher Structures in Topological Quantum Field Theory, 259 pages
- Habilitation thesis, 2017
Pavel Safronov, Derived Poisson and Coisotropic Structures, xxii + 252 pages
- Habilitation thesis, 2019