Seminar: advanced topics in linear algebra

Spring semester 2018
Mondays 13:00 – 14:45, Room Y27-H46 at the
math institute.
Coordinator: Jonathan Lorand

Syllabus (talk descriptions, with references): here.

Guidlines for written summaries: here.

Schedule of meetings:

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19.02.18 Meeting 0: Introduction to topics; organization.
Speaker: Jonathan

26.02.18 Meeting 1: Introduction to universal algebra.
Speaker: Julia P.

05.03.18 Meeting 2: Introduction to category theory.
Speaker: Simon

12.03.18 Meeting 3: Posets and lattices.
Speaker: Abhishek

19.03.18 Meeting 4: Rings, modules, algebras.
Speakers: Noemi (rings & modules), Celine (algebras)
Summary, Summary

26.03.18 Meeting 5: Polynomial algebras.
Speaker: Carina (polynomial algebras)

02.04.18 No meeting (Easter break)

09.04.18 Meeting 6: Theory of a linear transformation.
Speaker: Julia G and Davide

16.04.18 No meeting (Sechselaeuten)

23.04.18 Meeting 7: Modules over a principal ideal domain.
Speaker: Niklas

30.04.18 Meeting 8: Endomorphisms revisted.
Speaker: Sarina

Extra report: Quivers, Coxeter groups, and Gabriel’s theorem.
Author: Melena

07.05.18 Meeting 9: Introduction to quiver representations and Coxeter functors.
Speakers: Edona and Marija

14.05.18 Meeting 10: Gabriel’s theorem
Speakers: Marino (more on quiver representations), Rafael (Gabriel’s theorem)
Summary, Summary

21.05.18 No meeting (Pfingsten)

28.05.18 Meeting 11: Poset representations, the four subspace problem.
Speaker: Guanyin