Corinna Ulcigrai

Research Outreach

(last updated 2020)

My research is in ergodic theory, dynamical systems and Teichmueller dynamics. I am especially interested in ergodic, mixing and spectral properties of parabolic dynamical systems, which I like to call slowly chaotic systems.

Here you can find a brief description of my research aimed at a general audience.

I have worked on the ergodic and spectral properties of flows on surfaces (in particular, locally Hamiltonian flows) and interval exchange transformations, as well as other parabolic flows such as time-changes of the classical horocycle flow and (time-changes of) nilflows on nilmanifolds. I am moreover interested in the dynamics in moduli spaces of flat surfaces, in symbolic coding and cutting sequences, in ergodic theoretical problems related to number theory and diophantine approximation and in non-standard limit theorems arising in parabolic dynamics and I also worked on the infinite ergodic theory of periodic translation surfaces.