Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics,
University of St. Gallen, Switzerland


8th Contact Forum in Coding Theory and Cryptography, Brussels (Belgium), September 2019.
Code-based cryptography - an overview

TU Munich (Germany), July 2019.
Code-based cryptography - an overview

SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry, Bern (Switzerland), July 2019.
Classifications of (some) Partial MDS Codes

University of Paris VIII (France), July 2019.
Current State of the Art of the General Rank Decoding Problem

Oberwolfach (Germany), March 2019.
Symbol Erasures in Random Network Coding

Colombian Workshop in Coding Theory, Barranquilla (Colombia), January 2019.
Current State of the Art of the General Rank Decoding Problem

Schloss Dagstuhl (Germany), December 2018.
How General is the Rank Decoding Algorithm Based on Rank One Elements?

University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), November 2018.
Current Issues in Cryptography

University of Bayreuth (Germany), July 2018.
Constructions of Constant Dimension Codes with Ferrers Diagram Rank Metric Codes

University of Bayreuth (Germany), July 2018.
An Introduction to (Network) Coding Theory

University of Konstanz (Germany), April 2018.
Introduction to (Network) Coding Theory

MWCC in Munich (Germany), April 2018.
Attacking Rank-Metric McEliece Cryptosystems - A (Partial) Overview [Poster]

Fq13 in Gaeta (Italy), June 2017.
A Complete Classification of Partial-MDS (Maximally Recoverable) Codes Correcting one Additional Erasure

University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), April 2017.
Private Information Retrieval and Connections to Coding Theory

Aalto University Helsinki (Finland), March 2017.
Symbol Erasures in Random Network Coding

Clemson University (USA), October 2016.
Linearized Polynomial Modules and their Application to Network Coding

University of Kentucky (USA), October 2016.
Network Coding and Schubert Varieties over Finite Fields

University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), September 2016.
Coding Data for Networks

Designs Over Finite Fields and Network Coding in Dubrovnik (Croatia), April 2016.
MRD Codes are Generic Sets - Gabidulin Codes are not

Elgersburg Workshop on Systems Theory (Germany), February 2016.
Network Coding und Beziehungen zur Systemtheorie (German)

University of Neuchatel (Switzerland), December 2015.
Distinguishing Gabidulin from other MRD Codes

University of Aveiro (Portugal), November 2015.
Network Coding over Finite Fields

ALCOMA 15 in Kloster Banz (Germany), March 2015.
Characterizations of MRD and Gabidulin Codes

Banff International Research Station (Canada), January 2015.
Gabidulin Decoding via Minimal Bases of Linearized Polynomial Modules

University of Neuchatel (Switzerland), December 2014.
Minimal Bases of Linearized Polynomial Modules and Gabidulin Decoding

University of Würzburg (Germany), December 2014.
Network Coding and Linearized Polynomials

ITW 2014, Hobart (Australia), November 2014.
Iterative List-Decoding of Gabidulin Codes via Groebner Based Interpolation

ISITA 2014, Melbourne (Australia), October 2014.
Cross Error Correcting Codes over Z_{2^m}

ISITA 2014, Melbourne (Australia), October 2014.
List-Decoding Gabidulin Codes via Interpolation and the Euclidean Algorithm

ISIT 2014, Honolulu (USA), July 2014.
Message Encoding for Spread and Orbit Codes

University of Melbourne (Australia), November 2013.
Reed-Solomon Codes and Gabidulin Codes

Monash University, Melbourne (Australia), October 2013.
Subspace Codes and List Decoding

Seminar „Coding Theory“ in Schloss Dagstuhl (Germany), August 29th 2013.
List Decoding of Subspace Codes

Dissertation defense in Zürich (Switzerland), June 6th 2013.
Constructions, Decoding and Automorphisms of Subspace Codes

8th WCC in Bergen (Norway), April 19th 2013.
List Decoding of Lifted Gabidulin Codes via the Plücker Embedding

TU Munich (Germany), January 17th 2013.
List Decoding of Constant Dimension Codes in their Plücker Embedding

MTNS in Melbourne (Australia), July 9th 2012.
Plücker Embedding of Cyclic Orbit Codes

Colloquium on Galois Geometry in Ghent (Belgium), May 4th 2012.
Finite Spreads in Random Network Coding

Workshop „Crypto and Coding“ in Zurich (Switzerland), March 12th 2012.
Isometry and Automorphisms of Constant Dimension Codes

Research Seminar in Basel (Switzerland), October 10th 2011.
Random Network Coding and Cyclic Orbit Codes

Workshop „Algebraic Structure in Network Coding“ in Banff (Canada), Aug. 15th 2011.
Cyclic Orbit Codes

Fq10 in Ghent (Belgium), July 11-15th 2011.
Decoding Spread Codes in Field Representation

6th WCS in Aveiro (Portugal), June 13-15th 2011.
Computing Automorphisms of Constant Dimension Codes

7th WCC in Paris (France), April 14th 2011.
A Complete Characterization of Irreducible Cyclic Orbit Codes

Graduate Colloquium in Zürich (Switzerland), March 15th 2011.
What is... Random Network Coding?

Oberseminar in Bayreuth (Germany), November 10th 2010.
Random Network Coding

MTNS in Budapest (Hungary), July 4-9 2010.
New Improvements on the Echelon-Ferrers Construction

ALCOMA10 in Thurnau (Germany), April 10-17 2010.
Schubert Calculus over Finite Fields and Random Network Codes

5th WCS in Dublin (Ireland), September 2-4 2009.
Bounds and Constructions of Constant Dimension Subspace Codes