PhD Student

Institute for Mathematics
University of Zurich
Winterthurerstrasse 190
8057 Zurich, Switzerland

jonathan.lorand (

My PhD adviser is Alberto Cattaneo.

Here is a short Curriculum Vitae (26.10.2018).


I am currently studying some questions at the interesection of symplectic/Poisson geometry and quiver/poset representation theory.
For example, I am classifying various arrangements of special linear subspaces in symplectic vector spaces.
Here are two article I’ve written, together with Alan Weinstein, on this topic:
* (Co)isotropic pairs in Poisson and presymplectic vector spaces
* Decomposition of (co)isotropic relations

Besides being of pure-mathematical interest, objects of linear symplectic geometry also arise in various applied settings.
I recently learned more about such applications as a participant in the Adjoint School and workshop in applied category theory.
In the context of the workshop, I also worked with John Baez, Blake Pollard, and Maru Sarazola on understanding coupling in biochemistry.


I am a co-organizer of the Zurich Graduate Colloquium.

Current teaching

* Seminar: Symplectic and orthogonal geometry (Coordinator, Spring 2019)
* Seminar: Applied Category Theory (Coordinator, Fall 2018)

Past teaching

* Seminar: Avanced Topics in Linear Algebra (Coordinator, Spring 2018)
* Functional Analysis (Assistant, Fall 2017)
* Stochastik fuer Naturwissenschaften (Assistant, Spring 2017)

* Analysis III (Assistant, Fall 2016)
* Analysis II (Assistant, Spring 2016)
* Analysis I (Assistant, Fall 2015)