MAT757 Seminar: symplectic and orthogonal geometry

Spring semester 2019
Mondays, 15-17h, in room Y27 H28 at the
Math Institute
Coordinator: Jonathan Lorand
(The university page for the seminar is there).

The plan is to read parts of chapters I and III from Emil Artin's classic book "Geometric Algebra".
You can have a look at the book here, and also download a PDF, if you like.
There are also several copies of the book at the university library.

Here is the tentative schedule:

Date Speaker Topic
18.02 Jonathan Introductory meeting, distribution of talks
25.02 TBD Chapter I, Sections 1 & 2
04.03 TBD Chapter I, Section 3
11.03 TBD Chapter I, Section 4
18.03 TBD Chapter I, Section 5
25.03 TBD Chapter I, Section 6
01.04 TBD Recapitulation
08.04 No meeting (Sechselaeuten)
15.04 TBD Chapter III, Sections 1 & 2
22.04 No meeting (Easter break)
29.04 TBD Chapter III, Section 3
06.05 TBD Chapter III, Section 4
13.05 TBD Chapter III, Section 5
20.05 TBD TBD
27.05 TBD Recapitulation