Mihajlo Cekić I am an SNF Ambizione Fellow at University of Zurich. Previously, I was a PhD student at Trinity College, University of Cambridge; postdoc at the Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn, and at University of Paris-Saclay. My PhD supervisor was Gabriel Paternain.

My research interests lie in Geometric Inverse Problems, most notably the Calderón problem and the related X-ray transforms, as well as hyperbolic dynamics and Pollicott-Ruelle resonances, Ruelle zeta functions, and eigenfunction concentration.

For a video of me giving a talk on the topic of eigenfunction concentration, click here.

My wife Danica Kosanović is a mathematician at ETH.


9-13.9.2024 With C. Ulcigrai, I am organizing a Workshop on "Rigidity phenomena in Dynamics and Spectral Theory" at the University of Zurich. We are pleased to confirm there will be four mini-courses:
  1. Marked Length Spectrum Rigidity by T. Lefeuvre
  2. Fractal Uncertainty Principle and Applications by S. Nonnenmacher
  3. Convex Billiards by A. Sorrentino
  4. Poincaré series and Counting Problems by G. Rivière
More details are to be announced.
28.5-2.6.2023 With A. Avila and T. Lefeuvre, I am organizing a Workshop on Analytic techniques in Dynamics and Geometry in Les Diablerets, Swiss Alps.
3-7.7.2023 With O. Ivanovici, T. Lefeuvre, and F. Naud, I am organizing a Summer School on Microlocal and Probabilistic Methods in Dynamics and Geometry in Jussieu, Paris.

Upcoming and Recent Talks

31.5.2022 Seminar talk at Nicolaius Copernicus University, Torun
12-16.9.2022 Section talk at DMV Annual Meeting 2022, Berlin
6.10.2022 Geometry and Topology Seminar, Jussieu, Paris
7-11.11.2022 Workshop on Geometric Inverse Problems, Linz
23.11.2022 Geometry Seminar, ETH
29.11.2022 Zurich Graduate Colloquium, Zurich
4-8.09.2023 Applied Inverse Problems, Göttingen