Number theory seminar - Rutgers, New Brunswick

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Title
Jan 30 Alice Mark (Arizona State) Classification of reflective arithmetic lattices over totally real number fields
Feb 6 Katie McKeon (Rutgers) Low-lying fundamental geodesics in an arithmetic hyperbolic 3-manifold
Feb 13 Michael Lipnowski (IAS) Algorithms for the topology of arithmetic groups and Hecke actions
Feb 27 Ryan Ronan (CUNY) An asymptotic for the growth of Markoff-Hurwitz tuples
Mar 27 Yongxiao Lin (Ohio State) Subconvex bounds for twists of GL(3) L-functions
Apr 10 Ilya Khayutin (IAS/Princeton) Joint equidistribution of CM points
Apr 17 Arseniy Sheydvasser (Yale) Connections between Integral Sphere Packings and Quaternion Algebras
Apr 24 Matthew Welsh (Rutgers) Parametrization and Spacing of Roots of Cubic Congruences