Number theory seminar - Rutgers, New Brunswick

The seminar takes place Tuesdays, 2-3pm, in Hill 525. If you would like to give a talk, please send an email to claire.burrin(at) for possible scheduling.

Date Speaker Title
Sep 17 Gene Kopp (Bristol) From Hilbert's 12th problem to complex equiangular lines
Sep 24 Claire Burrin (Rutgers) Discrete lattice orbits in the plane
Oct 1 Cormac O'Sullivan (CUNY) A generalization of the Riemann-Siegel formula
Oct 29 James Rickards (McGill) Intersection numbers of modular geodesics
Nov 5 Louis-Pierre Arguin (Baruch) Large Values of the Riemann Zeta Function in Short Intervals
Nov 12 Amir Mohammadi (UCSD) Effective results in homogeneous dynamics
Nov 19 David Soudry (Tel Aviv) Rankin-Selberg integrals derived from the doubling method
Dec 3 Fernando Chamizo (Madrid) Bishop operators and Diophantine approximation
Dec 10 Brooke Feigon (City College NY) Ramanujan bigraphs