Spring Term 2018:

Tips and Learning Resources:

Games as a medium of instruction

  • Rational Games - Playful negotiation for serious people
  • Project Euler - Challenging mathematical / computer programming problems. Learn new concepts in a fun and recreational context.

Tools for the preparation of mathematical documents

  • LaTeX - A document preparation system.
  • TeXstudio - An integrated writing environment for creating LaTeX documents.
  • Inkscape - A professional vector graphics editor.
  • Organize your references using BibTex and zbMATH or MathSciNet. There usually is no need to write the bibliography by hand.
  • Detexify helps you find the latex code for mathematical symbols. This is often faster than going through the comprehensive symbol list.

On mathematical writing

  • Terence Tao's advice on writing papers.
  • Knuth, Larrabee, and Roberts' report on mathematical writing.
  • Glasman-Deal's book on science research writing.
  • Halmos' essay "How to write mathematics"; American Mathematical Society, 1971

Learn to code


Links / advice: your first semester as an undergraduate

  • Thomas Frank's youtube channel on "studying and habits and stuff".
  • Consider planning a study abroad year! Depending on the destination, preparation (getting a scholarship, visa, etc.) may take over one year.
  • Check if your university offers affordable (or even free) language courses, transferable skills training or sport activities!
  • Take the initiative. It's your responsibility to envision and achieve your goals.