Brad Rodgers @ UZH

ideas Spring 2015: MAT902, Stochastik II
Taught by Ashkan Nikeghbali

Fall 2014: MAT693.1, Analytic Number Theory Student Seminar

Fall 2014: MAT986.1, Limit Theorems in Probability Student Seminar

Spring 2014: MAT636, ODE and Fourier Series
Lecture notes on Fourier Series.

Fall 2013: Assistant for MAT 221, Analysis II
Taught by Ashkan Nikeghbali

Previous teaching (at UCLA):

Spring 2012: Math 132
Taught by Benjamin Antieau
A first proof of the fundamental theorem of algebra
A TeX file for the above proof

Fall 2011: Math 32A
Taught by Gang Liu
Taught by Geoffrey Mess

Spring 2010: Math 3C
Taught by Richard Oberlin

Winter 2010: Math 31B
Taught by Robert Brown

Fall 2009: Math 31A
Taught by Matthias Aschenbrenner
A History of Real Numbers

Other resources:
A Mathematician's Lament by Paul Lockhardt
Why mathematics is a natural and enjoyable means of expression, and why it is so rarely taught that way.

Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich
A broader critique of modern formal education, and what could be put in its place. (I don't agree with all of it.)