Talks (2013--)

[1] Torsten Hothorn. mlt: Most Likely Transformations, 2016-06-29. useR! 2016, Stanford, USA. [ .pdf ]
[2] Torsten Hothorn. Understanding and Applying Transformation Models, 2016-10-13. ZüKoSt: Seminar on Applied Statistics, ETHZ and UZH. [ .pdf ]
[3] Torsten Hothorn. Big Data--Big Knowledge?, 2015-03-06. Neuro-Rehabilitation: Strategies for Customized Treatments, Ittingen, Switzerland. [ .pdf ]
[4] Torsten Hothorn and Jörg Müller. Using deer-vehicle collisions for deer monitoring and management, 2015-10-14. Effects of Ungulate Browsing on Forest Regeneration and Silviculture, Zurich, Switzerland. [ .pdf ]
[5] Torsten Hothorn. From the Cox Model to Conditional Transformation Models and Back, 2015-02-12. Invited talk at Statistical Methods for Post-Genomic Data, München, Germany. [ .pdf ]
[6] Torsten Hothorn. Model-based Recursive Partitioning for Subgroup Analyses, 2014-12-04. Invited talk at Statistical Methodology Group, Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, Switzerland. [ .pdf ]
[7] Torsten Hothorn. Zusammenhang zwischen Wilddichte und Wildunfällen auf Straßen in Bayern, 2014-10-14. eingeladener Vortrag auf dem Wald-Wild-Forum 2014, Göttingen, Germany. [ .pdf ]
[8] Torsten Hothorn. RandomForests4Life: A Statistical Approach to Modelling ALS Progression, 2014-07-01. Department of Neurology, University Hospital Zurich. [ .pdf ]
[9] Torsten Hothorn. Big Data Science, 2014-03-31. Inauguration lecture, University of Zurich. [ http ]
[10] Torsten Hothorn. Constant Partying: Introducing a Generic Toolkit for Recursive Partitioning in R, 2014-03-20. Invited talk at the IMS Workshop on Classification and Regression Trees 2014, Singapore. [ .pdf ]
[11] Torsten Hothorn. Conditional Transformation Models, 2013-09-18. Statistische Woche, Berlin, Germany. [ .pdf ]
[12] Torsten Hothorn. Conditional Transformation Models, 2013-10-14. Invited talk at the Department of Statistics and Operations Research, Vienna, Austria. [ .pdf ]
[13] Torsten Hothorn. Conditional Transformation Models, 2013-06-26. Invited talk at the Department of Statistics, Universität Innsbruck, Austria. [ .pdf ]
[14] Torsten Hothorn. Conditional Transformation Models by Example, 2013-07-08. Invited plenary talk at the International Workshop on Statistical Modelling 2013, Palermo, Italy. [ .pdf ]
[15] Torsten Hothorn. Conditional Transformation Models, 2013-08-19. Invited talk at the Annual Meeting in the Statistics Network, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. [ .pdf ]
[16] Torsten Hothorn. Risiko im Strassenverkehr: Wie sich Wildunfälle vermeiden lassen, 2013-09-01. Vortrag auf der Scientifica 2013, Zürich. [ .pdf ]

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