Current Projects

  • SNF IZSEZ0 177091: A Party for Model-based Forest Inference
  • SNF 205321_163456: Model-Based Recursive Partitioning for Stratified Medicine
  • Tailored Statistical Models for Treatment Effect Estimation in Spinal Cord Injury Trials (Work package 2 in H2020 2015 project NISCI: Antibodies Against Nogo-A to Enhance Plasticity, Regeneration and Functional Recovery After Acute Spinal Cord Injury, a Multicenter European Clinical Proof of Concept Trial)
  • Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft: Evaluation of the Efficacy of Blue, Acustic, and Multi-colored Reflectors for the Mitigation of Wildlife-vehicle Collisions on Cross-country Roads (PI: Prof.~Dr.~Christian Ammer)
  • CAO/AIO/ARO-04: Prospective Randomized Multicenter Clinical Trial: Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy with 5-Fluorouracil plus Oxaliplatin Compared with Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy and Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Rectal Cancer in UICC-Stadium II and III (PI: Prof. Dr. Rolf Sauer)

Past Projects

  • DFG HO 3242/1-1: Ensemble Methods for Regression and Survival Analysis
  • DFG HO 3242/1-3: Ensemble Methods for Regression and Survival Analysis
  • biomed-S: Analysis and Modelling of Complex Systems in Biology and Medicine
  • ST217: Inference on Dear-browsing Intensities
  • ST230: Estimating Dear-browsing Intensities Utilizing Spatio-temporal Information
  • IRP/IFP Foundation Councils P66: Improved Stratification Protocols and Outcome Analysis for the Development of More Efficient and Effective SCI Clinical Trials (PI: Prof. Dr. Armin Curt)
  • DFG HO 3242/4-1: More Than Means Can Say-Regressing Entire Distribution Functions in Epidemiology and Biostatistics