STA260 Practical Introduction to the Statistical Computing Environment R, Fall Semester 2013

Course details

  • When? Sept 9 - Sept 13 from 09:00 to 12:00
  • Where? Computer room Y27-H52 at Irchel
  • What? Course description and 4-up slides (please bring a printout)
We will have lectures in the morning in the computer room. In the afternoon, participants are expected to do the exercises on-site or off-site. We will discuss solutions first thing the following day.

Computing Environment

There will be workstations available with the necessary software installed. You can also bring your own laptop, in this case, please
  • install R version 3.0.1 from CRAN
  • install the HSAUR2 R add-on package with all dependencies
  • make sure your favorite text editor works fine
  • if something goes wrong on Windows or Mac you're on your own, I might be able to help with Linux.