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A collection of functions based in R/Fortran for interpolation of large datasets using covariance tapering.
Written by Reinhard Furrer.

The package KriSp (Kriging with Sparse matrices) is considered as an add-on to the package fields. KriSp has a similar class to one of fields and uses some of its methods. Further, KriSp uses the package SparseM to handle the sparse matrix techniques. Thus the package is not exhaustive in its functionality compared to other geostatistical packages like geoR. Also, most functions are not fully optimized in order to enhance readability of the code.

Current development version:

KriSp_0.4.tar.gz (November, 22, 2006)


Currently, KriSp was successfully installed and tested on the follwing platforms and versions.
  • R-2.4.0, i4686-pc-linux-gnu.
  • R-2.2.1, i486-pc-linux-gnu.
  • R-2.1.0, i386-pc-linux-gnu.
If you run KriSp on other platforms, let me know.

The major methods include:

Krig.simple.sparse Simple kriging
Krig.sparse Univariate kriging (with a backfitting procedure)
predict.sparse Spatial process prediction

The kriging functions allow you to supply a covariance function that is written in native code.

There are also generic functions that support these methods such as

  • plot - diagnostic plots of fit
  • summary - statistical summary of fit
  • print - shorter version of summary
  • surface - graphical display of fitted surface
  • predict - evaluation fit at arbitrary points

Fortran code:

The main functions are written in native R code. The functions Krig.simple.sparse, Krig.sparse and predict.sparse call supporting Fortran routines in order to gain computing time.

This is software for statistical research and not for commercial uses. The authors do not guarantee the correctness of any function or program in this package. Any changes to the software should not be made without the authors permission.

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