A short "Introduction to R"

The links on this webpage point to short videos that have been created for an online course "Introduction to R" (regularly runs under BIO337, STA260). The Online course is built upon the (open)edx framework. These course contain background information, videos, exercises, self tests and problem sheets. Being a subset of an entity, the videos may not reflect the optimal way presenting the material. It is part of the course to use different operating systems, environments and presenting. There are many ways to Rome and this should be reflected when getting exposed to R. We would thank the creators for contributing the videos.

Übungsblatt 1

Übungsblatt 2

Übungsblatt 3

Übungsblatt 4

Übungsblatt 5

Übungsblatt 6

Videos by Owen Petchey, Torsten Hothorn and Reinhard Furrer, 2014/2015.