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Serena Cenatiempo



Serena Cenatiempo

PostDoc - Gran Sasso Science Institute, L'Aquila

Email:  serena.cenatiempo(at)gssi.infn.it

Current webpage: www.serenacenatiempo.it

Research profile

My research field is Mathematical Physics and I am interested in the study of equilibrium and not equilibrium properties of interacting quantum systems.

My current research project regards the dynamics of the Bose gas, and more in general the derivation of effective equations for  the dynamics of quantum systems, starting from the first principles of the many-body quantum dynamics. These problems can be seen as a counterpart of my PhD work, where I have studied the equilibrium properties of weakly interacting bosons by starting from their fundamental Hamiltonian description. In particular, during my graduate studies, I investigated the occurrence of Bose--Einstein condensation for homogeneous and weakly interacting bosons in two dimensions.

Another class of problems I have been interested in is the description of the measurement processes in quantum mechanics and the scattering theory for non-relativistic matter coupled to quantized radiation fields.


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